A Career In Computer Software Development

Money Magazine rated Software Engineering as the number one, best job in America to have. I hope to shed some light on this career and provide some insight into why this particular job is so highly coveted. From job growth rates, pay, and flexibility, the job of software engineer gets high marks.

If you are thinking of becoming a Software Engineer, or Software Developer as it is also referred, you must be the type of person who doesn’t mind working alone without a lot of interaction with the public. While there is some interaction with your development team, you must be content working individually writing and testing code. In addition, you must be an innovative “out of the box” thinker who can quickly adapt to new programming languages and the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

You must be able to apply knowledge of mathematics and computer science together in order to create software. Once the software is created, there is the testing phase. Once the testing phase is complete, it is time for implementation.

While there is often a team of people working on a project, you must be able to see the programs you design through these phases. If you have the basic skills and predispositions to a scientific and analytical mind combined with a passion for computer science, becoming a software engineer could be a good fit for you.

Flexible Hours

Software Engineers are increasingly reaping the benefits of working from home or having a hybrid type schedule in which they work from a home office for designated days, then come back to the office for meetings with the rest of the team to collaborate. The flexibility of working from home and setting a loose, hybrid schedule lends itself to a more balanced lifestyle and a healthier more content workforce.

High Level of Compensation

In addition to the flexible hours, the skills of a Software Engineer typically come with a high level of compensation, relative to other jobs in the IT industry. The median wage for Software Engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $93,740 per year as of May 2008.

The middle 50% earned between $73,200 and $113,960. The salaries vary depending on the type of employer you work for. Professional and commercial equipment wholesalers as well as software publishers tend to pay the highest salaries.

High Job Demand

Another reason Software Engineering jobs are considered among the hottest in America is because of the demand for these highly trained individuals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the job prospects to be excellent.

If you have at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field, you will usually have good prospects for finding a job. Some choose to achieve a master’s degree and others move into highly coveted positions simply based on their work experience and a portfolio of projects

It is no wonder, the job of Software Engineer has earned its reputation of being the hottest. If you are both mathematical and computer savvy, this is a job that could provide a flexible and lucrative career as well as a balanced lifestyle.

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